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Our warehouse management includes a wide variety of trusted and time saving capabilities.

We provide advanced inventory systems and order management functionalities to include all core warehouse handling and value-added services for proper chain management, such as unloading, receiving storage, stock control, inventory location tracking, order fulfilment, order picking, pick and pack processing, and shipping. Value-added processes include kitting, QA inspection, opportunistic cross-docking, and advanced order-to-ship product allocation.

Our warehouse management includes a wide variety of trusted and time saving capabilities, including:

  • SKU attributes (serial number, cube, dims, weight, stack heights, and standard pack quantities)
  • Bar coding labeling and generation
  • Pick and Pack
  • Multiple Inventory attributes (FIFO, LIFO etc.)
  • Multiple picking options including: Order, Line, Cluster, and Batch Picking
  • Back Order Substitution
  • Physical inventories and cycle counts
  • Multiple pack configurations for SKUs
  • Shipping document generation
  • Shipping document generation
  • Task managing/labor optimization
  • Extensive business intelligence reporting
  • Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

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